Work with us

We are looking for beautiful destinations in Norway to take the concept to new horizons. Therefore, we are looking for landowners and businesses who want to work together to offer unique accommodation to guests from far and near.

If you own a plot with the potential to offer guests something out of the ordinary, we want to help you get started with renting out our mini houses – more than that, we want to arrange everything for you so you can sit back and enjoy a passive income stream! You will be part of the WonderInn concept where we provide:

✓ Building application, foundations and groundwork, infrastructure and garden and landscape design
✓ Installation, interior design and furnishing
✓ Daily administration, operation, purchasing, booking and customer management
✓ Marketing and networking under the WonderInn brand

If you are self-employed and looking to upgrade your current business with new, exclusive and unique mini houses to increase your income stream and value, we want to work with you. Spa complexes, resorts and hotels, campsites, B & Bs, sports arenas, wineries, farms, and more, will be able to attract new market segments by setting up our mini houses. We are open to all types of collaboration and partnerships as long as it offers value to visitors.


1. Location Check

Building permits, communication plans, shipping quote.

2. Signing the Contract

Contract includes: Terms of payment, shipping terms, warranty, full specifications.

3. Payment

50% due at signing of the Purchase and Sales Agreement;
30% due after 30 days of signing Purchase and Sales Agreement;
20% due 15 days before loading.
Shipping and taxes are not included in the price.

4. Production

Estimated production time as per agreement.

5. Shipping

Client ensures that the location is prepared for installation.

6. Installation

WonderInn house will be installed on foundation poles which have by the client’s local construction company. WonderInn provides drawings for foundation poles.

7. Warranty

WonderInn warranty is 2 years