Are you looking to buy a cabin in Norway without a real estate broker for private use? Or maybe you want to buy a cabin at a company? Or do you want to build a business yourself and buy a cabin to rent out? WonderINN ANS offers a variety of options for those who are looking to get themselves a unique place to stay. We offer cabins for sale in Norway that are built with modern techniques and use special mirrors for the walls. From the outside, you cannot see what is going on inside. It works just like a normal mirror and reflects wonderful nature around. From the inside, it looks like tempered glass, so you can observe everything around you at 180 degrees. We offer cabins for sale in Norway and help you with everything you can think of.

Additional services

Seeing a project finished from an idea to a finished product requires time and hassle. Therefore, in addition to delivering the cabins turnkey, we also offer planning, execution and completion of:

✓ Construction applications
✓ Foundation and groundwork
✓ Infrastructure
✓ Garden and landscape design
✓ Installation
✓ Interior design and furnishing
✓ Additional accessories such as outdoor furniture, terraces and cladding, whirlpools and sauna solutions.