Mirror glass sauna with panoramic views that slide into all circumstances.
The sauna is designed with beautiful benches, drainage and structure to withstand high temperatures and high humidity.

Building structure

• Galvanized and painted steel frame, incl. joists and bolts (anthracite)
• Aluminum facade system for double, insulated windows (anthracite)
• Double insulated window units (6 + 6 mm / argon filled) with reflective coating
• Aluminum frame door and windows
• Gutters and roof hoods
Hardwood cladding made of thermally treated ash
• Wood cladding for ceilings, walls and possibly floors
• Marine-Osb boards and OSB boards
• 200 mm insulation (Rockwool, EPS)
• Double layer SBS roof system (flat roof)
• Ventilation and insulation system
• Power and electrical and pipe system (plug and play)
• Underfloor heating (17.7 sqm)


• Gray-colored ceramic tiles Graphite solid floor
Magnolia natural wood sauna bench
• Natural thermo-treated ash in the sauna room ceilings and walls
• Couplings for electric sauna heater
Built-in LED ceiling light throughout the building
• Ceiling mounted shower head in the shower
• Sink and faucet in the bathroom
• Wall-mounted toilet in the bathroom
• Connections for water heater in the bathroom